Redesigning or Reworking Your Space

Sometimes it simply takes a new eye to envision a whole new look.  Kathleen Barlotta Designs can offer that new perspective on color schemes, furniture layout, and accessory display to help you achieve your design goals.  

Redesign it and change your space into something grand by simply rearranging existing furniture or adding new pieces to achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of—within all types of budgets.

Reworking Your Space

This service helps the transition from your current space to new home run smoothly and stress free. Reworking it is ideal for those whose home no longer suits their needs.  Are you planning to downsize or move in together but don’t know how to merge your two lifestyles into one household? Kathleen Barlotta Designs will consult with you on the important decisions including new floor plans, color coordination, furniture placement, as well as assist with organizational tasks such as determining what to keep, what to donate, and how to best store and arrange your belongings, while respecting your inherent style and optimal comfort.