Staging Matters

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count!  Step by step, room by room, inside and out, Kathleen Barlotta Designs creatively transforms your home from “as is” to “sale ready” so that buyers can instantly envision themselves living there. Our experienced staff knows how to effectively stage your home for the least possible investment, reducing the sale time and increasing the return.

In addition to an overall assessment of how to arrange each room to show off the best features, Kathleen Barlotta Designs offers a full array of services in staging your home with the goal of minimizing your stress and enhancing your presentation.

Synder up to down staircase design
  • Maximize curb appeal to draw more potential buyers into your home quickly
  • De-clutter your environment so the inherent features of our home can shine through
  • Depersonalize your space to allow buyers to easily imagine their own belongings there
  • Lay out your furnishings to enhance free-flowing circulation
  • Accessorize tastefully to create pleasing living space and add welcome vitality
  • Color your home to brighten and broaden its appeal
  • Prioritize your improvements to save
    money in the long run

Customized Home Staging Services

Homes come in all different shapes and sizes, so Kathleen Barlotta Designs customizes the perfect staging package to suit each client’s needs. No job is too large or too small and we can accommodate your specific budget, timeline, physical needs and goals. Our goal is to not only draw buyers in through the front door, but to transform your space so that they will love it enough to call it home!

Are you stressed about putting your house on the market? Confused about what to do first? Do you want to do everything yourself or do you need some help? Maybe you would like all of the staging done because you are too busy and just do not have the time. Our expert staging professionals completely understand and we offer a multitude of services and solutions that will work for you.

Walk and Talk (Arranged by Realtor)

The Walk and Talk is for those who are currently living in the home and are considering doing the work themselves. One of our Accredited Staging Professionals ® (ASP ®) will walk through your home with you and/or your realtor to discuss your property’s best features as well as any trouble spots. Room-by-room, inside and out, we guide you, the homeowner, through the necessary and cost-effective steps so that your home will appeal to a majority of prospective buyers.


Consultations are great for homeowners who want the look of a staged home for minimal investment. Here you get a Walk and Talk, plus a detailed consultation and recommendation report. If you are willing to do some work, but desire expert analysis for guidance, a consultation is the right choice for you!

First one of our ASP ®-accredited staging professionals meets with you to assess your needs and become familiar with all aspects of your home. Then with your permission, we walk through the home taking photographs of every room and notes about all areas. The next step is to compile a comprehensive report detailing our recommendations on how you can best transform your home into a premier property that will set it apart from the multitude of other listings on the market.

Staging to Sell

For those who barely have the time to pack, Kathleen Barlotta Designs’ experienced staff will perform the full gamut of staging services so that your home is more marketable, and you can then focus on transitioning to the next stage of your life.

We begin with a full evaluation of the home’s interior and exterior. Photographs, notes and measurements will be taken by our staging professional to help determine which areas of your home would benefit from staging. Kathleen Barlotta Designs will later present you with a bid explaining our recommendations for transforming your home into a marketable product.

Our Staging to Sell services include, but are not limited to: maximizing your curb appeal, de-cluttering your environment, depersonalizing your space, laying out your furnishings, tastefully adding accessories and color to your home, and prioritizing your improvements.
Worried you don’t have everything needed to properly stage your home? We often can stage with items you already have, as well as rearrange and/or repurpose your existing furniture. If necessary, we can purchase additional accessories or we can utilize Kathleen Barlotta Designs’ extensive home collection inventory consisting of a full array of current design pieces.

Remember that staging does not have to be expensive. We can do as little or as much as you, the homeowner, would like us to do.

The cost of staging is considerably less than the first price reduction,
so stage first!

Vacant Home Staging

Do you own a brand new home? Have you moved already, leaving the house empty? Did you know that vacant homes take 50 percent longer to sell? Whether viewed over the internet or in person, empty homes appear cold, unappealing and smaller without furniture because there is no frame of reference.
vacant roomstaged room

Kathleen Barlotta Designs can create lasting first impressions of even vacant homes so that prospective buyers will yearn to live there. Through full, partial or vignette staging, we bring the space to life by giving each room a purpose and making your home warm and inviting for all. We achieve this with Kathleen Barlotta Designs’ large inventory of home accessories, artwork, lamps, small furniture, side tables, coffee tables, rugs, and more. Larger pieces of furniture can be picked from a furniture rental house.

Home staging fees vary based on the scope and complexity of the services.

Studies show that 95% of all buyers used the internet to search for properties,
so stage first and get it sold!